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Republican Candidates for President 2008 Ron Paul #4 Cash on Hand

Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:35 pm
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A snapshot of the Republican Candidates for President 2008 shows Texas Congressman Ron Paul ranking #4 in Cash on hand to wage his campaign.

Rudy Giuliani has approximately $17 million, followed by Mitt Romney at nearly $10 Million and Fred Thompson approximately $7 Million.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has Approximately $5.5 Million on hand and is not that far behind Fred Thompson in the Number three spot with $7 million. Senator John McCain has less than $ 4 Million and trailing badly are Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo in descending order.

Ron Paul is running an effective campaign on the internet and is expected to continue to do well raising donations as the campaign tightens. Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter will not survive as candidates past December.

Ron Paul can pass Fred Thomopson and find himself in third position behind Giuliani and Romney.

Ron Paul still has a tough challenge before him. If he is to have any chance of capturing the nomination, his continued success in raising cash will be the major factor in his ability to hang with Giuliani and Romney.

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