Political Musings
Ann Coulter's remarks to Donny Deustch "The Big Idea"
Freedom of Speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment of
The Ideal Presidential & Vice Presidential Candidates for 2008 Hagel & Biden
The voters of America have been deluged with Debates, Rad
Joseph Biden Democrat of Delaware Amendment to have a Partitioning of Iraq
Senator Joe Biden, Democrat Senator from Delaware
Rush Limbaugh comments about "Phony Soldiers" Jesse MacBeth
Rush Limbaugh is no stranger to the airwaves or the print
Democrats in Congress Propose Tax Surcharge for War in Iraq October 2, 2007
Democrats on Tuesday October 2, 2007 proposed an income t
Democrats losing opportunity to frame the Iraq Debate in Congress
If the Democrats are serious about winning back the Presi
New York Times Oct. 4, 2007 Secret endorsement of Severe Interrogations
The New York Times, Scott Shane, David Johnston and James
New York Times OP-ED piece on Questionable Raids on Immigrants Oct. 4, 2007
Today, October 4, 2007 there is an interesting OP-ED piec
Hardball Host Chris Matthews at 10th Anniversary Party October 4, 2007
Last night, October 4, 2007 Chris Matthews, Hardball Host
Washington Post Op-Ed Columnist Robert Novak A Mormon in the Oval Office
When Mitt Romney appeared last week ,via closed circuit,
Assessing the Candidates 2008 Presidential Campaign
The year 2008 will be a watershed election year for the U
CNBC Presidential Debate Republican Candidates Oct. 9, 2007
Well, all nine of the Republican Candidates will be prese
CNBC Republican Debate October 9, 2007 Dearborn Michigan
The Republican Debate on CNBC, Moderated by Chris Matthew
Detentions To Be Key Topic for Attorney General Nominee Michael Mukasey
The Associated Press just disclosed:As the Chief F
Taking a Look at the Presidential Candidates Republican & Democrat for 2008
We are half way through October of 2007, just less than 1
Democrats Fail to Over-ride President Bush's Veto Of S-Chip Bill
Today, October 18, 2007, The Democrats in the House of Re
FOX Republican Debate Orlando Florida October 21, 2007
Tonight the Republicans are in Orlando F
New York Times Oct. 25 Republican for President Ron Paul Fund Raiser
In the last two weeks, Republican candidate Ron P
The State of Politics in America November 2007
It seems our nation has been in a marathon political proc
Draft General David Petraeus For President
What our nation needs at this time of too many un
Ron Paul is the Right Alternative to Politics As Usual
The Primary season is about to get into
The Presidential Candidates Pause for Christmas
Today, Christmas Eve we can all breath a
The Candidates will be Obama versus McCain in 2008
Although we are only one week into the new year f
Political Discourse Meet The Press January 20
The Meet The Press Roundtable was comprised of the "
Chris Matthews of Hardball Fame is a Shill for Hillary Clinton
Chris Matthews, host of Hardball on MSNB
A Deal In the Works Regarding What to do with Florida and Michigan Delegates
For several weeks the rhetoric surronding the infamous Mi
Barack Obama Gets Bill Richardson Endorsement
Barack Obama today received his most imp
Hillary Clinton A State Of Plausible Denial
Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United St
The People May be The Biggest Losers in 2008 Election Cycle
This election cycle is unlike any other Presidential Elec
Barack Obama Ahead in Latest Gallup Tracking Poll
Barack Obama received Sen. Bob Casey's endorsement today
American Politics at the Crossroads of Two Generations
The "Politics" of America have been traditional
Tim Russert Passes at 58 Years Old
Tim Russert, Washington Bureau Chief of NBC and Moderator
Politics 2010 Never More Chaotic
Politics in America has frequently been called a "bl
Lack of Leadership in Washington D.C. from the President on Down The Line
Washington D.C. is replete with Politicians that are like
Senator Charles Schumer New York on Joe Scarborough Program June 7th 2010
Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer of New York State and Bro
The BP Gulf Oil Spill and Barack Obama
The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is past day 50 and
Michael Steele on Squawk on the Street CNBC June 22
Republican National Chairman Michael Steele was on CNBC S
Hillary Clinton Looking to Refine Goals of War in Afghanistan
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently in Pakist
How The Republicans Can Win The White House in 2012
Barack Obama won the Presidential Election quite handily
Oregon Governor's Race 2010 Dudley (R) vs Kitzhaber (D)
Something unique to politics is happening in Oregon in 20
Will Barack Obama Be The Democrat Candidate for President in 2012
Way back in 2008 most Americans had more than enough of G
Republicans Will Win The Whitehouse Back in 2012 If
Here we are just 16 days from Election Day, November 2, 2
President Obama's Failure as a Leader
President Obama is a nice guy, no argument here. Obama is
Iowa Republican Debate August 11th 2011
If the Republican Party believes that the White House can

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