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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Sees Period of Slow Growth

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:37 am
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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Thursday that a host of economic problems, including the severe housing slump, will cause Business Growth to slow noticeably in coming months.

Bernanke told Congress' Joint Economic Committee that the Central Bank is watching developments closely, but gave no signal that it is prepared at the current time to cut interest rates even further.

Bernanke said he and his colleagues believe Economic activity will "slow noticeably in the fourth quarter", compared to the 3.9% growth in the third quarter.

"Growth was seen as remaining sluggish during the first part of next year, then strengthening as the effects of tighter credit and the housing correction begin to wane", Bernanke said in his prepared remarks to the Committee.

Bernanke acknowledged the recent market turmoil, but he generally took a more upbeat view of things, saying the Federal Reserve believes the economy should rebound from the current problems by the second half of next year. He also repeated worries that the Federal Reserve expressed last week: recent increases in oil and other commodities could raise the threat of inflation.

Charles Schumer, Senator from New York, said, "I think we are at a moment of economic crisis", "I am not surprised to hear experts such as your predecessor, Alan Greenspan, warn about the threat of a recession. I have begun to worry about it too."

Opinion: It appears that Alan Greenspan remains a credible voice from afar. Greenspan's words supplant those of Ben Bernanke. If Ben Bernanke is to be taken seriously as Federal Reserve Chairman he will need to take more seriously the current economic crisis. It should be noted that an economic downtown, recession, is a reality now. The question that should be answered is when it, the current recession, will end. We have been in a recession for the last three months. The recession will get "deeper" before it ends.

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Stockton California "Foreclosure Capital of the World" MSNBC report

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:35 am
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Jane Wells, reporter for MSNBC, just concluded a piece on the number of foreclosures in Stockton, California. One of every 38 homes in Stockton California is in foreclosure.

Some of the Banks holding the mortgages are actually paying up to $3000 to have the families leave of their own accord. It is quite simply easier  and cheaper for the Banks to pay the families rather than have those families go through the eviction process.  

What is not taken into account is the impact all of these actions have on the remaining home owners. Values of other homes in the Stockton, California are falling, creating negative value for those families still paying mortgages. The point here is families paying mortgages will not be able to realize a fair price if they were required to move (sell).

Moreover, the assessments on probably every home in Stockon, California should be less than the current number.  This will have a ripple affect on tax revenue in the years to come. Tax grievances ought to be a common practice if other home owners are saavy.

Lower Assessments mean lower tax revenues means fewer services provided by local Governments. Schools will be impacted if they have not already felt the pinch. Fewer students means fewer teachers and so on and so on. 

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Ron Paul Republican Presidential Candidate Internet Superstar

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:33 am
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The presence of Texas Congressman (R) Ron Paul, a relatively obscure and lesser known candidate for President in the Republican field, has the attention and the financial support of the Internet crowd.

Ron Paul is more popular on Facebook, than Senator John McCain. He has more friends on MySpace than Former Governor Mitt Romney. Ron Paul's MeetUp Groups, with nearly 12,000 members in almost 300 Cities, are the biggest in the Republican Field. His YouTube videos have been seen more than one million times. More than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, with the exception of Senator Barack Obama.

Ron Paul is a self described "Old School" guy and is the most surprised by his success on the internet. Ron Paul is exactly right when he says again and again that the Republican Party is in a shambles. The reality is Ron Paul's success on the internet is not translated in the Republican Polls that have him lagging behind.

Ron Paul says, "I am for the individual" and "I'm not for the Government". Oh!, if it were only possible to actually have Ron Paul in the Oval Office. The usual suspects in both the Democrat and Republican Party would run for the hills.

If you are a supporter of Texas Congressman Ron Paul please let this scribe hear from you. I have become a supporter of Ron Paul after having read so much about him and his policies on the Internet. 

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Hillary Clinton if Elected President Would Consider Giving up Some Executive Powers

Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:32 pm
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Democrat Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday, if she were elected President, she would consider giving up some of the Executive Powers that George W. Bush has assumed since taking office in 2001.

In an interview Tuesday in Guardian America, a web site run by the London based Guardian newspaper, Hillary Clinton denounced the Bush Administration's push to concentrate more power in the Whitehouse as a power grab, not supported by the Constitution.

When asked if she (Clinton) would give up some of those powers if she were President, Clinton replied, "oh absolutely.......that has to be part of the review that I undertake when I get to the Whitehouse, and I intend to do that".

In the interview, Clinton noted that other Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, had taken on new Presidential Powers but had gone back later to ratify their actions. It should be noted that Abraham Lincoln "had revoked" "Habeas Corpus" during the Civil War, however, Abraham Lincoln was trying to preserve the Union!

Hillary Clinton has a "history" of obfuscating the "truth" as most of us would tell tall fish tales. Hillary Clinton has the  unique ability to have "selective amnesia". "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely", voters should remember this as they step into the voting booth.

Senator Clinton is not one to give up on anything easily and she would not give up any additional Executive Powers.  So, do not be deceived, Hillary Clinton does "weave a tangled web".

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The Candidates will be Obama versus McCain in 2008

Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:01 pm
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Although we are only one week into the new year fortunes in Politics turn quickly. Hillary Clinton continues her fall from grace and Barack Obama is on the most exciting ride of his life. Hillary Clinton may want to write her own "epitaph", the media will excoriate her in their version. Barack Obama needs to play it down the middle if he wants to continue his journey to the Oval Office that Hillary Clinton so covets.

Mitt Romney is without a doubt a smart man and a terrible candidate. Romney cannot help himself. If he is to salvage any chance of securing the Republican nomination he should immediately hire the best communications person available. Is Dr. Phil available?

John McCain hangs tough. No doubt his time in the "Hanoi Hilton" hardened his psyche. McCain will prevail and be the nominee for the Republicans.

Ron Paul has the best intellect, no kidding. The problem for Ron Paul is the media. They have, as only the media can, created a "gadfly" role for Ron Paul.

Rudy Giuliani has one major issue/problem, "Rudy Giuliani". In Giuliani's mind every state is a New York City with a New Yorker's frame of mind. Memo to Rudy, the rest of the nation is not anything like New York City. That is why you/Rudy have no chance in hell of getting the nomination.

John Edwards is as the "Governator" would say a "girly man". Hillary Clinton has more testosterone than does John Edwards. Edwards would hire someone to do his fighting for him as would Rudy! John Edwards would have his wife Elizabeth step into the ring in his stead.

Fred Thompson is the oldest 65 year old I know of. I am not much younger than Fred Thompson and I do not think I look nearly as bad. Thompson needs a total body makeover. He looked like the Grandfather that he is in the debate yesterday.

Well, it boils down to Barack Obama for the Dem's and John Mccain for the GOP. It is McCains turn similar to 1996 when it was Dole's turn.

The Republicans need to come up with better candidates for 2012. Oh, I did not mention Mike Huckabee. If ever I saw a more "scary character" it may have been in a 1930's horror flick. Huckabee flaunts his faith more than any reasonable person wants to see, hear, or be tormented by.

It will be a close race in November 2008, but Barack Obama will defeat John Mccain and be the first minority/black President. How successful Obama is in the succeeding four years 2009-2013 depends heavily on how he gets the recalcitrant politicans in Washington D.C. to perform this jobs!

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