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Picket Fence Garden Edging

Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:49 am
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Nothing could complement your garden or walkway more so than picket fence garden edging. Picket fence garden edging complements any garden or walkway by creating curves and corners. Finish off your garden in style with this edging. The clean neat lines created through this edging enhances any garden. Enclose marigolds and petunias and daisies in their own flower bed using this edging. Your flower beds will look the part with this particular edging. Touch off the garden with this splendid edging. Your vegetable plants will possess clean neat lines in accordance with the edging you provide. Gardens accent any backyard and sometimes they grow out of proportion or the lines accenting them are sometimes blurred. But with edging that problem can be a thing of the past. Edge your strawberry plants and zucchini with this particular edging and watch the neat lines come into view. Ring a tree with this edging and watch the flowers around it come into bloom. You can find a range of picket fence edging such as white picket fence edging, expandable picket fence edging as well as Resin picket fence edging. Nothing completes a flower garden or vegetable garden more so than edging. Let this particular fence ring your gardens and walkways and the clean neat lines will present themselves.

Create a dirt path going from your deck to your garden. And then line it with fencing. The look and feel of a deliberate path going from your deck to your garden would present all kinds of opportunities for you. You could walk it each morning as you enjoy your morning coffee. Or you could take evening strolls along this very path. So the possibilities are endless and all you have to do is research and invest in picket fence garden fencing.



"White "picket-fence" edging enhances garden, adding a clean, neat accent to flower beds, shrubbery, walk ways and more! Creates curves, corners or straight runs. Set includes four interlocking 24 x 13" (8' total length) durable resin sections, with 4" stakes. Weather-resistant, resin."

Expandable Picket Fence Edging

"Add a finishing touch to any garden with this charming expandable willow edging. The edging can instantly contract and expand up to five feet (as shown). The edging comes with stakes to plant into any garden."

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