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Fri May 06, 2011 8:43 am
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To purchase a decorative picket fence could certainly be worth it if you're looking for ways to making your garden or your front yard for instance prettier. Decorative picket fences can add a stylish touch to any entrance or garden and really give it that special touch which puts your house on top. You can find a range of decorative picket fences such as vinyl decorative fences, aluminum decorative fences as well as wood decorative picket fences. Some of these fences are just regular fences, perfect to put up the define your border which also happen to be very stylish and nice looking. Then there are also fences which fall purely under the decorative category, nice to add for extra charm.

For a simple decorative touch, then a corner fence meant to section off your garden might be a good idea: with that structure you can add old fashioned charm without replacing your whole fence. Of course, you could just as well put a whole fence around your whole garden but a corner structure would be a lot easier and cheaper. Below for instance you can see two different pretty decorative fences: these are nice looking and would provide a nice backsplash against flowers or other plants. This can really be a successfull technique if you're looking to make your landscaping stand out and there are quite a few different products to choose between here which would fit the bill.


 Corner Picket Fence (White) (51"H x 55"W x 39" end post)

"Add new focus to your landscape with the corner picket fence. Use this corner angle to highlight items of interest in your yard. Made of high grade polyvinyl and polyethylene, this corner fence piece will provide years of maintenance free use and lasting beauty."


Cottage Corner Picket

"The Cottage Corner Picket adds a graceful accent to the corner of your yard. It can also be used as an attractive centerpiece in your yard or garden. Since all New England Arbors products use WeatherWear technology, your Cottage Corner Picket will always look the same as it did when you bought it with almost no maintenance. WeatherWear means that hi-grade polyvinyl and polyethylene are molded around modern structural elements to make a product that is durable and fitting in any climate in the country."

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