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Wed Oct 05, 2011 9:54 am
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To present more of an authentic look and feel in your garden, why not go for a log pergola, if you're thinking of getting an outdoor structure to make your outdoor space more peaceful and useful. There are of course many different types of pergolas to choose between ranging from cute lattice type pergolas which makes you think of New England or English cottages, then there are more rustic cedar pergolas and then of course you have the log pergolas. So there isn't a lack of options out there, however you might be limited to what your local lumber or home improvement store carries. Because a log pergola features a rather simplistic construction, so most of these kind of structures out there will probably have been built custom. After all, it might present an ideal opportunity to build something of your own.

But, if you're not so inclined and you would rather purchase the structure yourself, then here is one from overstock which is rather nice. Finding a log pergola online did indeed proove to be tricky, however this one is rather nice and would be a great purchase if you appreciate the slightly more rustic approach to style. This particular pergola is priced at $330 which is a rather good price and it would certainly make for a nice focal point in the garden. It's made of white cedar which is naturally mildew resistant and it offers that classic rustic look which so many people appreciate.

Of course, if you're just looking for ideas, then you do have a rather wide array to choose from. And building one of these structures one your own might be a rather fun and rewarding project if you're interested.

Rustic Log Pole Cedar Adirondack Garden Pergola

"Our elegant, White Cedar Garden Pergola is a highly versatile, dramatic addition to any garden setting. Made of durable white cedar. Natural finish blends with any look. Great to hang plants or train vines to climb. Can be used to decorate a special occasion. Measures 85 inches high x 80 inches wide x 27 inches deep "

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