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Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:22 am
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If you're looking for DIY pergola kits, then you have many options to choose between. A DIY pergola kit is often affordable and come in many different styles. What's great about these types of kits is how you don't really need to have anything on your own: it comes with everything you need in order to put the kit together right. You can find a range of DIY pergola arbor kits such as DIY wood pergola kits, DIY garden pergola kits, metal DIY pergola kits as well as outdoor DIY pergola kits to mention a few things.

If you feel like you would like to build your own pergola but you feel a bit intimidated by the whole process and you're not sure exactly what parts to buy etc... Then by buying a kit you have that part taken cared of: the kit comes with all the pieces you need plus clear instructions as to how you should go about doing it. To do it this way can be much cheaper than going to the store and buying a prebuilt pergola: not only can the unit itself be expensive, it can also be quite expensive to get shipped home to you. With a kit like this you can pick out the lumber and things like that yourself and in the end get a pergola that works perfectly with your setting and that also probably costs less to get overall.

Build a Pergola Hardware Kit and Stencil

"Build a pergola hardware and stencil kit. This Kit is designed for the weekend craftsman with easy to follow instructions. Comes complete with the hardware to make a 8x10, 10x12, or 12x14 garden pergola. (does not come with lumber) Build the pergola shown or choose any other lumber you decide. Save hundreds of dollars on shipping and manufacturing. This kit comes with wood stencils not cheap paper stencils. All you need in tools is a jig saw and a drill."


Bella Lago Pergola

"Turn your outdoor space space into a retreat with this 10X12 aluminum pergola by Bella Lago. Picture vines and flowers climbing up the maintenance free wood tone pillars providing privacy and shade. The Bella Lago aluminum pergola is the perfect solution to define your outdoor space."

These pergolas can be found at

Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:22 am
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