1966 Mustang

Header, Sunvisor, Rear View Mirror Chrome Pieces

Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:11 pm
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We looked around for a while before we found some pieces to replace the chrome header and rear view mirror and bracket. A local Mustang shop wanted to sell us a header piece for $75, it was original but it still had quite a few imperfections. We are not going for original, mostly usable. So we looked around on the web and found the same piece brand new for $45.

It is amazing what new chrome can do for the interior. No more rust.

We also needed new sunvisors, rear view mirror, bracket for the mirror and sunvisor chrome pieces. The old header chrome and sunvisor pieces are easy to remove. The most difficult part was to remove the old chrome rod from the old sunvisors.

It took a while to cut, hit and break them from the old visors. We did not want to replace them because you do not see them anyway, they fit inside the new visors. Be aware there are two pieces in each visor.

Convertible pieces are very different from coupes or fastbacks. The sunvisor chrome is what holds the top clamps. The visors, as well as the rods are different too in convertibles.

Old Chrome:

The header chrome was badly rusted, but the sunvisor pieces were not that bad. The rear view mirror was completely rusted too. Altogether these changes were pretty easy and did not cost too much. We bought all the parts online, except for the sunvisors themselves ($45).

If you are going to bother to make these changes you might as well pickup some new screws too. At least they are cheap.

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