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Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:42 am
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We have finally finished the new top on our 1966 Mustang. After 3 days (~ 22 hours) we were able to take a drive. During this odyssey we took photos and video to help others attempt this job themselves.

It all started last year when we ripped off the old top and removed the frame. The top should have been removed years before but we let it go. So by the time we removed it this 43 year old car had a top that was looking as old.

We first removed the entire frame, discarded the power top motor and hydraulics and separated the frame. Then we sanded, welded and repaired all the bushings and pins.

Because our car is so old many of these parts are not really available or very expensive. We recently saw a complete frame on the web going for ~ $1,200, but god knows the condition of all the small bushings.

And most of them do not seem to be available anywhere. So we made our own in some cases, otherwise we tried to refurbish what we could from the original.

We evaluated the parts we needed and discovered just about the only thing we still had intact was the frame.



Here is a list of the parts we had to buy.

  • Black top with rear plastic window. (Glass was not offered in '66, and we did not want to break anything else even though you can buy it.) $230
  • New well liner. (covers the trunk, and the folded top sits in it.) $30
  • Top tension cables. $18
  • Top pads. $105
  • Front welting/windlace. (staples to front bow, meeting the windshield) $20
  • Weatherstriping - sits under the windows, bolts to frame, around the front bow also $80
  • Body tack strip set - most annoying parts, bolts to near trunk and window staples in to it $125
  • Tacking strips, front and rear - $36
  • Top latch springs - $8
  • Truss Head Screws - hold the handle in place to close the top. $18

Altogether the parts were around $670

We went to a local top shop a few weeks ago and got an estimate to do this job. He said he would keep the car for 3 weeks and it would cost $2000. We declined.

Some Photos of the old top:

(old top)

(front latch)

(old back window)

(side frame)

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Convertible Top

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