1966 Mustang

Installing and Replacing a Fuel Pump

Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:22 pm
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There are many types of performance reasons to install a new fuel pump. Basically the amount of fuel you can get to the intake determines how much power you might expect. Although this will be based on a number of other factors as well. A fuel pump is rated in gallons per hour, the higher the number the more fuel is sent to the carburetor. fuel pump 1966 Mustang

We have a 289 V8 with a 4-barrel Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor and have 5/16 inch fuel lines so we went with a stock fuel pump.

If you have larger 3/8 inch fuel lines or a larger cfm carburetor then you might want a Holley performance fuel pump. A stock fuel pump will run you about $30, where a Holley might be around $90.

Remove Old Pump

If you have power steering then you will want to remove the bracket connecting the power steering pump to better get at the old pump. Or you can go under the car to have better access.

Last year we removed the power steering system and the bracket so there is plenty of room to get right at it.

Remove the fuel lines and take off the bolts connecting the old fuel pump. Drain any fuel comming out. At this point you might as well install new fuel lines to and from the pump to the carburetor. We went with 5/16 inch rubber lines. They are cheap and you can always replace them with braided lines later.

Clean the area around where the pump was removed and connect the new gasket with a little grease from the auto parts store and bolt in the new pump.

1966 Mustang Fuel Filter

You should also replace the fuel filter. We added another fuel filter before the carb also since our model (Edelbrock 1406) does not contain a filter where you connect the fuel line.

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