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JCPenney Mother of the Bride Dresses

Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:05 am
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JC Penney has a lovely selection of Mother of the Bride Dresses for all sorts of weddings. The dresses offer affordable fashion, wear-again styles, fit, comfort and fashionable colors from neutrals to classic black. When looking for a special dress remember the time of day and location for example a formal, beach or backyard setting. Also consider hem length and fabric types before commiting to a given style.

And don't forget that adding accessories that make a women sparkle all make a special Mother of the Bride.

When to Wear: ... weddings, parties, special occasions...etc

Price Range: ... low-medium

Fabric: ...polyester, blends, shantung

Styles: ... floor length, skirt set, jacket & shell set, jacket dress, 2 piece, sleeved, pants, jacket...etc

What to Accessorize: ... jewelry - earrings (drop, dome, tear-drop, hoop or dangle), necklace (y, choker), diamonds, pearls, brooch, bracelet (collection or single), rings, shoes - pumps, sandals, slingbacks, platforms, open toes, small or mini purse or clutch, wraps, shawls, jacket, bolero, lingerie and undergarments

Also called: ... formal dress, event dress, special affair dress, semi-formal, informal dress

To decide on a dress that has both a flattering style and a fabulous fit isn't all that easy. You may want something that is easy to wear, but still attractive and fashionable at a reasonable cost. When my mother was looking for a dress she too was looking for a pretty and feminine, yet stylish look - not a frumpy or matronly style, since no one wants to be called old-fashioned. And sometimes what looks good on a hanger doesn't look right in person, so try on several different styles until you find the perfect one. Sometimes a jacket dress offers a nice option to cover flabby arms or maybe it's just because you're cold or you feel it's a little more appropriate for a church ceremony. Just as an older person might feel more comfortable in a covered pantsuit opposed to a dress. I found that JC Penney offers many jacket dresses in both short and long lengths that are age appropriate and very attractive.

One of the key components to looking good is a good fit. So be sure and look in the mirror not once, but twice. I can recall when three-way mirrors weren't so common, but nowadays it's a necessity, especially with all the video, iphones, and cameras all over the place. Nobody wants to be uncouth.

With all the different fabrics, designs, and colors in today's market a stylish, modern woman has her choice of shapes and patterns and colors. Whether you're looking for a trend-setting look or a tailored design of a jacket dress, the look should be orginal for any ceremony or affair from casual to elegant.

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Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:05 am
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