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Toshiba NB205 Netbook Review

Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:55 pm
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For the last few weeks we have been testing Toshiba's NB205-N310 netbook with Ubuntu's Netbook Remix. Toshiba NB205 Netbook ReviewThis is after testing HP's Mini 110-1030NR & Acer's Aspire One AOD150-1920. All three of these netbooks come with 10 inch screens, and both the Toshiba and HP have 6 cell batteries.

The biggest difference is the feel, HP's netbook has the worst feel even with large keys and a fingerproof finish, at the expense of a solid case.

All were loaded and ran Ubuntu's netbook remix just fine. Basically all these computers have the same tech stats, 1 gig ram, 160 gig hd and an Atom processor, although the Toshiba has the N280 instead of the N270, but since this amounts to an 0.06 GHz improvement in actual usage there seems to be no difference.

Install Ubuntu was no problem on all three. The HP & Toshiba had a slight sound issue but they were easy to fix. In each case the new software loaded up and Windows XP was held on a small partition. Ubuntu runs alright on these systems, no too slow, but not too fast. Our system is mainly used to program and we added LAMP, Bluefish and GFTP, other than that we don't use anything but Firefox so it is hard to tell how well emulators like Wine run or any games. But I would guess that they do not run too well.

Toshiba has the best all around system, their keyboard is by far the best, and the case has the best feel. One problem that only the Toshiba seems to have is a very slow boot time. It also seems to get stuck when booting sometimes, but hitting the enter key seems to get it going.

Toshiba also wins on battery time. It is nice not to have to recharge the thing everyday. It will last for about 7 hours without any power saving features. Toshiba also is the most expensive system but it is the one that we intend to keep.

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