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Dell Mini 12

Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:13 pm
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The Dell Mini 12 is their second entry into the mini laptop, or netbook area. This computer has a 12 inch screen and it is basically a nomal sized laptop, without the option of an optical drive (CD/DVD Drive). It is a bit thinner than a typical notebook but at this size one wonders whether you can even consider it a netbook. Like most other models this netbook comes with the Atom processor from Intel.

Dimensions: 299mm(W) x 229mm(D) x 23.31mm~ 27.61mm(H)

The biggest difference between the Dell Mini 12 and a typical laptop is that it is thinner and lighter than most traditional notebooks. With a 12 inch screen the keyboard is much larger than anything from Asus or even the Dell Mini 9, but you sacrifice size and portability. You do not have the option to carry this netbook in your purse or pocket like the Asus 900/901.

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