Update to Quick & Easy Zucchini Bread

Last Modified: 09/22/13
First Published: 07/27/13
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I'm updating my zucchini bread recipe that I have used over the years since I've changed it a bit. It used to be more of a bread but it's evolved to be more of an egg dish for breakfast, lunch, dinner side dish, appetizer or a picnic staple. Adding a salad or fruit complements this dish for any time of the day. 

I've been using at least 6 - 7 eggs ( I like the x-large) & I beat them and the oil in the electric mixer to make them a bit fluffy, same amount of zucchini 2-3, 1 cup or even a bit more of the bisquick, 6 ounces of cheese more or less - I've been using cheddar for a bit more flavor and using a cheese slicer instead of grating  - since it's quicker. 1 small onion - doesn't matter if it's red or white - I've used both. Vegetable oil or canola & then I season with salt, pepper, sometimes a touch of dry mustard, parsley, oregano, thyme or garlic- whatever is on hand. And sometimes just salt & pepper. Everything in 1 large bowl - mix lightly and then into greased pan.

I've used a greased - (I use a canola oil spray) 9 inch square dish as well as the 8 inch - doesn't matter. And I cook for about 45 minutes in a 375 degree oven til brown on top since I've increased the eggs. This is one dish you can't kill - always comes out perfect & tasty. 
zucchini bread 
zucchini bread