Succession Planning

Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:08 am
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How to prepare for change is always a challenge. Change happens every day from the weather to who leads a company. The Postal Service in the 1960's, then the Post Office Department, relied solely on tests to create a pool of future Managers and Supervisors. This test was fundamentally a set of questions dealing with "Technical" knowledge about the workings of the Post Office Department.

The result of taking the test for postal management was a pool of individuals that were capable of memorizing information but often lacking interpersonal skills, judgment and problem solving skills. The Postal Service was not successful in putting the right people in the right management positions. Performance suffered as a result. Employee morale was often poor at best and managers were clueless in ways to motivate good employees and deal with poor performers. This was the case for a long period of time in my early years on the job.

Leadership was not a leading indicator of the successful candidate for a position. Something needed to change in order to establish a methodolgy to change the parameters for promotion.

The creation of the PASS ( Postal Assessment Supervisory System) program in the 1970's established a rudimentary framework to begin to change the Culture of the Postal Service. The PASS program included workbooks with questions dealing with theoretical situations for managers and how they would respond to those situations.

The "Workbooks" were filled out by the candidate and the candidates Supervisor. Although not perfect this program was a beginning to a "Change in Culture" in how the Postal Service dealt with Succession Planning.


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