Reading the Tea Leaves in Leadership

Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:52 pm
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There is an old adage that goes he or she could not "read the tea leaves." Often this is the case when a failure to see the obvious affects the outcome of an important project or decision in a negative way. The recent case of General McChrystal and his Staff in how they allowed themselves to be taken down by their own statements of "braggadocio" is an appropriate example of not reading the tea leaves.

Leaders must not allow themselves to become careless, especially when in a relaxed environment. The media will do what they do best, let the subject be the maker of their own undoing.

The reality is if one is in a position that is in a constant state of visibility then it is a must that one not allow themselves to be vulnerable to an action or statement that they wish they had left in the sub-brain and not reach their lips. 

The tea leaves are best used for the making of tea and should not be consumed as Hemlock!

"Engage Brain Prior to Engaging Mouth"

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