Managing During a Crisis

Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:08 am
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Managing at best is difficult without a crisis in front of you. An example is President Obama who is probably looking in his rear view mirror wondering when several issues will overtake or worse create a massive wreck for his Presidency.

President Obama has Afghanistan, Iraq, The Economy, BP and the Gulf, Immigration and whatever may be around the next corner.

What any leader must do during a crisis is "Lead". Obama has not taken personal charge of any of the above. Yes, he has surrogates dealing with each of the issues, however it appears to the layman that Obama is tentative and unwilling or worse incapable of dealing with major events.

Leadership means that the Leader must instill confidence even though there may be little to be confident about! Barack Obama spends an inordinate amount of time in front of microphones. The problem for him is that typically after each speech/statement the audience, of which we are all a part, is left with more questions than answers.

Moreover leadership must be communicated with and through surrogates who do not act as though they would rather be doing something else. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is classic at doing what I have just written. Robert Gibbs attempts to be "Glib" with no success in my judgment.

A crisis is an opportunity for success. I wonder if President Obama looks at things from this perspective. Rather than have a "Doom & Gloom" attitude Obama ought to take the reins and say we will succeed! 

Cheerleading is essential with the appropriate tone and strategy. In addition President Obama should be looking at the unintended pool of candidates that always rise up in a crisis. I have seen many local officials from each of the Gulf States speaking on television. I am not necessarily including Governors, rather the lower tier officials who look as though they get it! Tap those resources from anywhere they show themselves President Obama.

Leaders are out there waiting for you to demonstrate your leadership!


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