How To Deal With People

Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:20 pm
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People will do what people will do. I have always had this experience and mindset in my decades of leading and managing major Postal Operations that this adage/idiom is absolute.

Employees are people and people are employees. A rather simplistic statement but a statement that has great weight and bearing on the outcomes of day to day management of all types of Businesses.

People will look for a leadership. Either that  leadership, Alpha Dog, will come from the "Designated Leader" or it will come from one within the group performing the task or service. The concern is that it may come from one within the group of employees that has less than admirable intentions.

Most jobs are labor/people intensive. Without the worker/s having a specific set of guidelines and protocols to follow in the performance of their job it is inevitable that there will be unintended guidelines and protocols enacted by one or more of from within the group of employees. 


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