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Mon Oct 26, 2009 6:04 pm
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A mail slot catcher can really be a worthwhile product to purchase if your mail comes right into your front door. Mail slot catchers can be sleek, elegant and available in various sizes. You can find wood mail slot catchers, mailbox slot catcher baskets as well as door mail slot catchers among other products. Apart from looking good, these baskets catch up your mail and prevent it from going all over the floor. These units are great if you're sick of coming home from work and finding your mail spread out all over your floor. Plus, if you have pets or small children, then you never know where your mail will end up. 

No, by simply getting one of these catchers you can ensure that your mail gathers in one place and not all over your floor. These units are available in various materials such as wood, fabric and plastic to mention a few. A nice mail slot can really add a nice touch to any door. No matter whether you're looking for an office mail slot, a wall mail slot, mail slot hardware or a vertical mail slot, you won't have a problem finding one that suits your structure.


Small Size Classic Cedar Mail Basket

"Small size classic cedar mail basket measuring 8 3/4" tall by 9 3/4" wide. The mail basket hangs on the back of a door under the mail slot to catch the mail. This basket is made of plastic and approximates the look of cedar. Comes complete with metal hanger for mounting."

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