Netbook Cover

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House of Adeline proudly presents a selection of netbook covers for a range of small laptops. It's quite important to protect your computer against accidental dust and scratches, however you don't have to give up style. The new line of netbooks and mini laptops available have redefined portability so much so that you can even carry one in a pocket or a small purse.

House of Adeline has created a full line of netbook covers specifically designed for these new mini laptops. Asus, Dell, Apple, MSI and Acer are some companies that are producing innovative mini computers for reasonable prices. House of Adeline features laptop covers in designer Wool Felt as well as classic 100% Linen which will protect and secure your mini netbook.

These unique laptop cases are certainly worth checking out if you're interested in something a bit different and stylish that will set your apart from the crowd while protecting your small laptop.

Wool Felt Netbook Cover

Linen Netbook Cover

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