Netbook Case

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A good looking netbook case can really be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your computer from scratches and wear. There are of course many different types of laptop covers on the market, but there aren't a wide selection of custom designed options. If you're looking for a netbook case, then House of Adeline features several options. You can find a range of netbook cases in various styles.

House of Adeline has created a full line of netbook cases specifically designed for todays mini laptops which come in a range of different styles. Manufacturers from Asus, Dell, Apple, MSI, Acer and more are producing some of the most innovative mini computers, and whether you want a designer wool felt netbook case or a linen netbook case these will protect and secure your mini netbook.

No matter whether you're primarily looking for a stylish cover that will match your lifestyle, or if you're more concerned with finding a sleeve that fits right in order to offer protection, House of Adeline has several options which might be of interest.

Wool Felt Netbook Case

Linen Netbook Case

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