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If you're looking for an Asus Eee Pc Laptop Sleeve, then House of Adeline offers a couple of differentlaptop sleeve designs in wool and linen. These sleeves are elegant and fit a range of lifestyles. House of Adeline offers fitted notebook sleeves for the Asus Eee 701, the Asus Eee 901 and the Asus Eee Surf to mention a few models. These Asus Eee Pc laptop sleeves feature natural materials such as wool felt, linen and cotton as well as wooden buttons.

Lately all these new netbook models have become popular since they are affordable, small and portable. However when you take a laptop out you're at risk to scratch it, bump into something or get it dirty. So therefor, a sleeve can really be a practical and useful choice. The House of Adeline laptop sleeves are sleek and simple and come in a choice of different designs. So no matter whether you're into a sleeve with pattern details or if you want something that is more simple, you have several options to choose between.

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