Asus Eee Notebook Sleeve

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A good looking Asus Eee notebook sleeve, does not have to be difficult to find. House of Adeline offers several uniqueAsus 901 Laptop Sleeve options. House of Adeline makes a selection of Asus Eee 701 notebook sleeves, Asus Eee 901 notebook sleeves and Asus Eee Surf notebook sleeves among other models. Wind, dust, sun and water all are dangers when bringing a laptop out. If you have a protective cover around your netbook, then you have a greater chance of keeping your computer in good condition.

The Asus Eee 901 netbook is a practical, small computer that is perfectly if you're looking for portability. So if you're planning on taking the computer with you to coffee shops, work and when traveling, then a House of Adeline sleeve might be for you. The House of Adeline notebook sleeves are sleek and simple and come in a choice of different designs in wool and linen. These sleeves are good looking, practical and a bit different from the generic selection available at computer stores.

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