Asus Eee 701 Laptop Sleeve

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An Asus Eee 701 laptop sleevecan certainly save your netbook from bumps and scratches.Asus Eee 701 Laptop Sleeve House of Adeline makes a selection of Asus Eee 701 laptop sleeves and Asus Eee 700 laptop sleeves among other models. These Asus Eee laptop sleeves are made to fit the computer snugly. There are two different designs available: one is made in 100% linen, with quilted cotton and a contrasting cotton edge, and another is made in wool felt and lined with corduroy. Both options are very stylish and would be great for different occasions.

The Asus Eee 701 netbook is light and easy to take out. However, it's important to protect the laptop from wear, tear and scratches, so a fitted laptop sleeve or laptop cover is very useful and practical. The House of Adeline laptop sleeves are sleek and simple and come in a choice of different designs. So no matter what style you're into, House of Adeline has several options available ranging from classic linen to simple wool in interesting designs.

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