Medion Akoya Mini Laptop Sleeve

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A Medion Akoya Mini laptop sleeve is not that easy to find, however House of Adeline can produce custom fitted sleeves. Once you have purchased a Medion Akoya Mini netbook you need a laptop sleeve or laptop cover to protect the computer when you take it out. House of Adeline features two basic design options for Medion Akoya Mini laptop sleeves: one in linen and one in wool felt.

Small netbooks are perfect to take out of the house because they are light and portable. However then it becomes even more important to have a stylish netbook protection cover that will look good, but also protect the small laptop against scratches and dust. These House of Adeline LG X110 netbook sleeves are elegant, well made and stylish.

Medion Akoya Mini Linen Laptop Cover

Medion Akoya Mini Wool Felt Laptop Cover

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