Asus Eee Surf Laptop Sleeve

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If you're looking for an Asus Eee Surf Laptop Sleeve, then House of Adeline offers a couple of differentlaptop sleeve options for this computer. At House of Adeline, you can find fitted Asus Eee 2G Surf laptop sleeves and Asus Eee 4G Surf laptop sleeves among other models.
These laptop sleeves come in two basic variations: one in linen that features four different design options, and one in wool that come in two different design options.

The Asus Eee Surf netbook is a very small and affordable netbook. If you're planning on taking it out, then you might want to consider protecting it from wear, tear and scratches. A fitted laptop sleeve or laptop cover is very useful and practical and can be found for this model in particular. The House of Adeline laptop sleeves are sleek and simple and come in a choice of different designs. So no matter whether you're looking for a decorative sleeve with a unique design, or for something simple and practical, House of Adeline has a selection of different options.

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