The NFL Is on a Precipice Heading to a Major Decline

Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:41 am
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There was a time when one listened to the sports scores from the NFL arguments among fans would focus on which QB was better Unitas or Title, the glory days of the NFL in the 60's.

This season sportscasters/analysts  discussing Professional Football begin their critique of any game with, allegedly so & so ( Rothleisberger, Favre or Vick et al, did this or that.)

A major factor lending itself to the current problem in Pro Football is "Money", the major driver of the NFL. Money is ubiquitous in Pro Football.

In nearly every case Billionaires own NFL Football teams and Millionaires are the ones playing on NFL Football teams. The problem with the NFL is that all parties forget that the source of the money comes from those folks that work day in and day out to attend football games.

One need only look at the National Basketball Association to see  how players comport themselves off the court has a direct relationship to the ultimate perception of that sport in the eyes of fans.

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has the challenge to maintain fan interest thus keeping revenues up, with the delicate balance of how NFL Players perceive themselves. At present many NFL Players see themselves as being bigger than the game! Not so, fans may not look favorbably at spending hundreds of dollars for a single NFL game when what they see is an extension of a work release program from the local house of incarceration.

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