New York Yankees Need to Demote A.J. Burnett

Fri Aug 12, 2011 6:28 am
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The New York Yankees are in the decision process on which pitcher, A.J. Burnett or Phil Hughes, will be removed from the starting rotation. Currently there are six pitchers, C.C. Sabathia, A. J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, Bartolo Colon, & Freddy Garcia, in the starting rotation. Optimum is five "Starters" in a Major League starting rotation. Forty years or more ago it was a four man rotation. 

Anyway it is a "no brainer" as far as I see it. A.J. Burnett is the one to go! Burnett has never shown that he should be in the Yankee starting rotation. Burnett is not poised enough to deal with New York.  The Yankees need to give the spot to Phil Hughes. it will solidify the confidence of Hughes. He can get the job done.

The pecking order as I see it is Sabathia 1st, Ivan Nova, yes Nova 2nd, Freddy Garcia 3rd, Phil Hughes 4th and finally Bartolo Colon 5th.  Colon will give it all he has but could break down at most any time. Ivan Nova looks to be the real deal. Freddy Garcia is reliable and Hughes needs the opportunity to prove he belongs once and for all!

A.J. Burnett should be used as trade bait for an extra bat or given his unconditional release. Baseball salaries are not small and therefore if Burnett cannot get it done then he must go.

The New York Yankees will not make it to the 2011 World Series with A.J. Burnett in the starting rotation. Baseball in New York is about winning. George Steinbrenner knew and Joe Girardi knows it. End of story!

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