NBA Salaries Inflated Relative to Economic Conditions

Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:51 am
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 Professional Sports Figures are essentially overpaid for the task they perform. The NFL (National Football League) & MLB (Major League Baseball) are looking to bring down or at least moderate the level of compensation currently enjoyed by players in both major sports, as ranked by recent survey data, Football # 1 & Baseball #2. There may be work stoppages in both Baseball & Football within the next few years. Just look at recent contracts signed by Derek Jeter, New York Yankees and Cliff Lee Philadelphia Phillies for another. Restraint by the New York Yankees in negotiations with their "franchise player"! Everyone knows Alex Rodriguez is overpaid, especially Management of the New York Yankees. The issue is what MLB team would want to assume A-Rod's contract. He is older with a body that is well past prime.

The obvious already being stated leads me to what I think is the most egregious overpayment of players in a professional sport, the National Basketball Association (NBA). Professional Basketball is not in the top three Major Sports highly valued by participants in recent surveys. NBA players make millions of dollars each year and act as if they are more important than the President of the United States or the CEO of Microsoft or Bank of America. 

Running up and down a 94 foot basketball court bouncing a spherical object ought to be considered an honor, especially if one is athletic enough to play for the Lakers, Celtics or even the Clippers. 

The hubris exhibited by most of the players in the NBA is more than one can endure, or at least this one! Average families cannot afford to attend an NBA game. One need only look at attendance in the NBA, down by any measure, better yet look courtside, Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee are in no way average NBA fans!

The NBA has fallen from the once lofty perch that had the foundation built by the likes of George Mikan, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and oh yea, Bird, Magic and Michael!

LeBron is not even close to being in the league of the aforementioned. Good Luck to the NBA, David Stern has a lot of work to do to change my opinion.

I grew up on Petit, Cousy, Sharman, Russell, Ramsay and coach Auerbach! If one were to tally the salaries of each of these players and coaches for their entire career it might equal one year of a journeyman player in 2011. 

I do not see myself attending an NBA game anytime soon, Mr. LeBron James and company will not miss my presence. 

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