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Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:07 am
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Today, Sunday July 18th MLB TV has an interesting lineup of Classic Baseball World Series. MLB TV has the 1958 World Series scheduled between the Milwaukee Braves (Hank Aaron, Warren Sphann & Lew Burdette) against the New York Yankees (Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford & Yogi Berra) the Yankees won in seven games. Wow what a series I remember it well! The Yankees redeemed themselves from the seven game loss in the 1957 World Series to these same Milwaukee Braves.

In addition MLB TV will show films from the 1959 World Series 1960 World Series and the 1961 World Series. The LA Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates & New York Yankees won each of these World Series respectively.

If you want to see baseball as it was two generations ago then tune in to MLB TV. 

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