Duke Snider Passes at Age 84

Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:21 am
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Willie, Mickey & The Duke! This was the way it was in the 1950's. If you were born in the 1940's then you probably have some fond memories of the way Baseball was when it was the game! I wish I still had all of those baseball cards from the 50's. I can remember having, Mickey, Willie, The Duke, Jackie Robinson, Musial, Williams and so on and so on.

If you were into the game then you probably had an opinion on which player was the best Center Fielder in New York.  Yes, The Duke had the weaker numbers and played most of his career in the "Band Box" Ebbetts Field. If memory serves correct the shortest distance in Right Field was 247 ft., not very far to have a home run.

Whatever, Duke Snider had five consecutive 40 plus home run seasons while in Brooklyn. Snider was also a part of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodger Team that defeated the Yankees. I was not very pleased about that, being a died in the wool pinstriper!

I still love the game of baseball. However, I am not inclined to feel sorry for the current players crying foul becase they are not making more millions. After Mickey won the triple Crown in 1956 he had a difficult time getting a raise from the Yankee owners.  I believe he finally received a $35,000 raise for the 1957 season when he won a second consecutive MVP!

Probably youngsters have no clue who Duke Snider was. I only hope their fathers and grandfathers take the time to talk about the greats of the past. Yogi & Stan "The man" are still around, appreciate their contributions to the game of Baseball.

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