American League East Division Best in Major League Baseball

Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:28 am
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The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox, what else need be said? These two teams are synonymous with success. This year add The Tampa Bay Rays to the equation. The Rays are neck and neck with the Yankees and Red Sox near the mid point of the 2010 baseball season.

The reality is that in the American League the nearest competitor to any of the above is the Minnesota Twins. After that the league is thin on success. The Texas Rangers, the Cleveland Indians, the Oakland A's; all of the above and the rest of the American League would be bankrupt without having the Yanks & Sox to play. The Yankees and the Red Sox draw people to ballparks period.

Over in the National League the only close competition to the Yankees & Red Sox would be the Dodgers & Philadelphia Phillies. However the Yankees and Red Sox still rise above the rest of Baseball in popularity and getting people to pay for a ticket to a game.

Interleague Play benefits teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks. Having the Yankees play in Phoenix this week is making lots of money for the City and ballclub!

Next the Yanks visit the LA Dodgers. A good matchup, but not the Yanks & Dodgers of Campanella, Reese, Robinson, Berra, Mantle & Dimaggio.

Thus my point the game of Baseball  would be in worse shape than it is currently without the American League East Yankees & Red Sox!

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