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1) The New York Yankees are located in
2) The following was not a Yankee
3) Yankee Stadium opened in what year
4) The First Home Run In Yankee Stadium was hit by
5) The Yankees have won How Many World Series
6) What year were the Yankees first in a World Series
7) The DH is what
8) Baseballs are
9) Baseball Games are played in a
10) The distance from Home to First Base is
11) The number of players on the field
12) How many outs in one inning of Play
13) Yogi Berra played for the Yankees and What Other Team
14) Distance from Home Plate to Pitching Rubber is
15) The New York Yankees won Five World Series Consecutively from
16) Stan Musial Played for
17) Roy Campanella Played for
18) Babe Ruth Finished his career in
19) Babe Ruth hit How Many Home Runs
20) How Many Home Runs Did Babe Ruth Hit as A Yankee
21) Willie Mays hit
22) Casy Stengel Managed for
23) Stan Musial missed what year for World War ll
24) Ted Williams Last Career Hit was a
25) The All-Time Hits Leader is
26) Pete Rose Entered the Hall Of Fame in
27) The Single Season RBI Leader is
28) Who hit the Home Run to Defeat the Yankees in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series
29) Who Was the Pitcher in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series who gave up the Winning Home Run
30) Who Pitched Two Shutouts in the 1960 World Series
31) Mickey Mantle won the Triple Crown in What Year
32) Roger Maris finished his Career in What City
33) What Year Did The St. Louis Browns Move to Baltimore
34) The two teams in the 1944 World Series
35) In a World Series Game there are How Many Umpires
36) Who is Number One in Career World Series Home Runs
37) The Black Sox Scandal Was in What Year
38) The First World Series Featured What Teams
39) Which Years (2) were there no World Series
40) The Baseball Hall of Fame is in What City
41) Johnny Bench Played for What Team
42) Reggie Jackson Played for
43) Who Won The Triple Crown in 1967
44) Who Won The First Cy Young Award
45) How Many Cy Young Awards did Cy Young Win
46) Roger Clemens Has Won How Many Cy Young Awards
47) The First professional Baseball Team Was
48) Elston Howard Played for What teams
49) The First All-Star Game was Held in This Year
50) The First All-Star Game was held in this City
51) Bill Runge was an
52) Brooks Robinson Has Won How Many Gold Gloves
53) Don Mattingly has won How Many Gold Gloves
54) Lew Burdette Played for
55) The 1950 Philadelphia Phillies were known as the
56) Roberto Clemente had How Many Hits
57) Jackie Jensen Played for
58) Ernie Banks won How Many MVP Awards
59) Hank Aaron hit 50 or More Home Runs How Many Times
60) Which Player hit 60 or more Home runs Three Times
61) Who was the Youngest Player to hit 500 or more home runs
62) The Major League Leader in Strikeouts is
63) Warren Spahn Won 20 or More Games this number of years
64) This Player played Pro Baseball & Pro Basketball
65) The Brooklyn Dodgers Dodgers part refers to
66) Who Was At Bat When Mickey Mantle Hurt His Knee in the 1951 World Series
67) The 2007 MVP in the American League
68) Which of the following was not a New York Yankee Catcher
69) Mike Schmidt has how Many Home Run Titles
70) Hank Aaron won the National League MVP Award in What Year
71) Jackie Robinson was Rookie of the Year in
72) Yankee Stadium was Known as
73) Forbes Field was Home to Which Team
74) The Yankee Owner in 1920 when Ruth Joined the Yankees
75) The First manager of the New York Mets
76) Spary Anderson won World Series Titles with
77) The last time the Chicago Cubs Won a World Series
78) Which Baseball Broadcaster used the term (How About That)
79) Which Player is not in the Hall of Fame
80) The Famous Pine Tar Incident Involved Which Player
81) The alleged father of Bseball was
82) The Youngest Ball Player to hit 50 or More Home Runs in a Season
83) Craig Biggio Played His Entire Career for
84) In the 1934 Carl Hubbell Stuck Out
85) Who Made the error in the 1986 World Series that Allowed the Mets to win
86) Which Pitcher has won the most World Series Games
87) Barry Bonds has won How Many World Series
88) Yogi Berra has Won How Many World Series
89) Who Was Known As (King Kong)
90) Joe Morgan Won MVP Awards in
91) Which Shortstop is Not in the Hall of Fame
92) This Player was with the Braves in Boston Milwaukee and Atlanta
93) Sandy Koufax has How Many No Hitters
94) Nolan Ryan has what record
95) Bob Feller was how old when he first pitched for Cleveland
96) Pete Rose had How Many 200 Hit Seasons
97) Which Player was not a member of the first group elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
98) The Pitchers Mound was Lowered in What Year
99) The M&M boys Refers to
100) The Designated Hitter Rule Went Into Effect in What Year in the American League

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