Decisions & Influence in Career Opportunities
07/31/07 It is always difficult to determine which road t
Intellect in Business
Intellect is the essential ingredient required to obtain the
Business thought of the day
07/27/07 Opportunities to fundamentally change the culture i
Staying in the right "Decision" zone
Making any decision is always difficult. More than anything,
Differentiating the Forest from the trees in Business
In Business it is often difficult to get to the real
imageThe Iraq Conundrum
General Petraeus, President George W. Bush, Vice Presiden
They That Agree Most Often Are Most Susceptible to Failure
When in the course of a period of time a single individua
Convoluted Concepts Result in Convoluted Results
There are numerous euphuisms; failing to plan is planning
Business Thought of the Day
Todays Business Thought of the Day is "One should Ru
Political Nuance

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