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Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:23 pm
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Nothing would complement your small yard more so than a Lowes iron fence. A Lowes iron fence is incomparable as a decoration or ornament. The very beautiful iron fence is crafted of the highest quality and a little touch up is required. All my small yard required is this very typical fence. I installed it very simply and the look and feel of iron is quite challenging. The sturdy and durable feel you get from iron accents the entire yard. It plays off the bushes in the front yard and the small flower arrangement.

The compliments I get from neighbors is compensation enough for installing it. The very tough iron fence will last for years and the feel you get from iron is compensation by itself. The very basic and elemental feel complements the entire yard. The iron composition compared to the landscaping speaks for itself. The mulch plays off the iron all adding a nice elemental touch. As an ornament and decorative piece iron fences add just that. The twisted spindles accent ornamentally and the small height doesn't overpower the viewer. You can find Lowes wrought iron fences, Lowes iron fence gates as well as Lowes rod iron fences among other products. The fence gates are also made of iron and accent quite nicely. All in all you can't ask for a more complete product. Iron is durable pleasing to look at and blends in nicely with the yard. It can even keep a small dog penned in. The neighbors will love it and acts as an ornament for the entire yard. So invest in your home and yard with a Lowes iron fence and let one take care of you for years to come.


 Garden Zone 45"W Empire Fence Gate Unit

"Decorative gate for empire fence, with latch and powder coated finish. Preassembled sections for easy installation. Posts and accessories sold separately. Classic design, 2-piece gate"


Gilpin Inc. 4' Windsor Plus Rail

"Windsor plus uses 1-1/4" sculpted steel channel with traditional twisted spindles. Strong, welded construction. 32" mounted height, 28" actual height. 4" O.C. spindle spacing helps meet some codes. Adjustable for steps and slopes. Coated with a Black, baked-on finish, touch up required. Compliance with building codes is the installer's responsibility"

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