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Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:04 pm
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An interior sliding door track can really be a useful thing to invest in. Interior sliding door tracks are practical, sleek and affordable. You can find a range of metal interior sliding door tracks, interior sliding door track hardware as well as interior house sliding door tracks among other products. A nice interior door can really change the look of a room, however you want to make sure that the door is useful and practical.

If you have sliding doors between two rooms, or perhaps sectioning off a closet, then you definitely want to pay attention to make sure the track is in good condition. If the door won't slide properly on the track, which can be caused by a bent track, then the door won't shut properly. There are several different brands available which make nice door hardware such as Stanley and Johnson. These products can be found at home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.


Johnson Hardware 2610F Wall Mount Sliding Hardware Set, 72 In. Track, 36 In. Door Weighing Up To 200 lbs.

"A unique surface mounted hardware system for wall mounted doors. Used where normal pocket doors cannot be installed, or where costs to install them would be prohibitive. Ideal for garage entry doors, closets, storage rooms, etc. where space required for a swinging door is wasted space. The 2610F system is extremely easy to install, and can be readily adapted to fit a variety of applications. Aluminum track with convex rails, jump proof three wheel hangers assure a smooth quiet operation. 1155 track mounted stop and adjustable door guide."


NUporte 4 Ft. White Series 1110 Cottage 3-Panel Door

"Aura Home Design is meeting the demands of today's lifestyle with trend conscious designs spanning from casual to contemporary home decor. Embellished with high quality, stylish and attractive rich finishes, closet doors by Aura Home Design will add warmth and vitality to your living environment. NUporte Simplicity Doors will add a beautiful new dimension to your home at an affordable price. The first ever ready-to-assemble door in the marketplace comes in a box and are as easy to install as they are to handle. Taking style to a new level with the NUporte Simplicity door series, what was once a closet is now a statement of your good taste."

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