Yardline Pinehurst Wood 8 x 8 Storage Shed at Costco

Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:29 am
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A small shed for your backyard such as this Yardline Pinehurst wood 8 x 8 storage shed from Costco can certainly be a really useful and practical solution to having too much stuff around! If you're starting to feel like your garage is way too overcrowded, or if you don't have a garage and you simply don't know where to put all of those garden tools, bicycles and other such things piling up, then investing in one of these sheds can be a really good idea.

There are of course a wide array of sheds and storage buildings to choose between once you really start looking, however this particular Pinehurst shed features a nice size (8 x 8 will enable you to fit a lot of things, however it won't take up too much of your space), and then the price is also very nice. You'll have to pay $700 for this particular shed which is a pretty good price, considering it's made of wood. You can sometimes find cheaper sheds than this, but then they are usually made out of vinyl and look pretty terrible. This shed is made of wood, and features a very cute and compact size. The only thing that brings this particular shed down in my mind is the fact that it doesn't have any windows to provide any lights, but since you'll keep the doors open anytime you want to access something from the shed anyway, it really doesn't matter. And, if you're willing to spend a little more money, then you can get a nice wooden shed with windows, but if you're on a tight budget and you don't want to go over it, then it's nice to know you can find a nice structure that isn't too expensive, even if it doesn't have windows!

Who would have really thought of Costco in terms of finding an outdoor shed? Well, sometimes they do surprise you so they can be worth checking out. Of course the selection isn't that great in terms of sheds: you could probably find this one and maybe one more, and then of course you also have the issue of transportation. But, not considering those factors, this Yardline storage shed from Costco seems like a pretty good buy.

Material: Primed wood - you'll have to paint it yourself

Style: Simple, cottage like

Fits Where: In a backyard where you want something that can match your home and looks nice (you can buy paint separately to make it match your house)

Price: $$ ($700 is a great price for this shed)

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: +++ (nice price, and a general appealing style, but it could use a window or two)


Pinehurst 8' x 8' Shed

418 Cubic Feet of Storage, 6' High Sidewalls, Add the Deluxe Package For Even More Functionality. If you are looking for dependable storage that is just the right size…Yardline’s ready-to-assemble 8' x 8' Pinehurst wood storage shed is right for you. The Pinehurst combines unique style, superior strength & durability, versatility and exceptional value. The 6’ tall walls provide ample space for long-handled tools, ladders and much more. The stylish 24" doors offer easy access for bicycles, walk behind mowers, spreaders, snow blowers and other common homeowner equipment. The gable vent provides ventilation and adds esthetics. The 8x8 foot print will fit nicely in any backyard. 

More info at costco.com

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