Wood Look Infinity Resin Storage Shed from Sams Club

Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:22 am
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Want classic look but increased durability? This wood look Infinity resin storag shed from Sams Club is indeed really nice and would be perfect if you're looking for the perfect structure for your backyard. If you're in desparate need of somewhere to store your outdoor tools, furniture cushions, bicycles and more and you have come to the conclusion that a small outdoor shed might be the best way to go, then I think the Infinity shed would be a good option.

Since this Infinity garden shed is made out of resin, you don't have to worry about mold or mildew, nor any maintenance such as sanding, painting or staining. You do however get a wood-look-a-like style, so if you were going for that look, then you're getting it, but in a more durable version!

This Infinity backyard shed measures 8 x 6 feet so it's definitely a rather small shed, however that doesn't mean you couldn't fit a lot inside of it!

Material: resin

Style: practical, durable

Fits Where: in the backyard

Price: $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: This Infinity outdoor shed really does come at a great price and I especially like the the doors and the hardware which gives this shed a more classic look.

Infinity 8' x 6' Resin Storage Shed

"Premium Storage Shed with an exterior side cabinet to conveniently store your most used items in. The cabinet can be assembled on any side of the shed. This shed has a built-in water-collecting gutter system. Stylish and elegant wood-look design is a great fit in any yard. Will not rust, dent or peel."

Price: $899

More information at samsclub.com

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