Vigo Double Sink Vanity with Counter, Mirrors & Shelves at Home Depot

Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:30 am
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The whole package, that's what you get when you buy this Vigo double sink vanity which comes with counter, mirrors and shelves. This Vigo bathroom vanity set is available to buy at Home Depot where you can find a whole bunch of really nice looking bath furniture as well as accessories.

These Vigo bath products are definitely very modern in design, so if that's what you're going for, then this would be absolutely perfect. The vanity itself features a dark brown (wenge) color which is also reflected in the mirror and shelves on the walls. This vanity set comes with two sinks which feature an above counter design, also quite modern I must add. The hardware is sleek and contemporary in nickel and goes perfectly with the overall design.

I believe basically everything comes with this set except from faucets, however Vigo also makes really nice bath accessories such as faucets so you could either go for one of those, or pick something completely different.

What I really like about this set, is first of all the large size and the modern design. However I also really like the mirrors which feature shelves in the middle, perfect for keeping some of those bathroom knickknacks that you want to have handy for use.

Material: solid wood

Style: very modern and contemporary

Fits Where: in the right bathroom

Price: $$$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: This double sink vanity is priced a little higher at $1,379 than many of the other vanities at Home Depot, however this set comes with so much more. First of all, it's a lot larger, it comes with two sinks as well as a really nice mirror/shelf unit. If you prefer a very modern design, then this would be a great choice I think!


Vigo 59 in. Double Bathroom Vanity with Top, Mirrors and Shelves in Wenge

"Fall in love with this durable, stylish Vigo bathroom vanity. No other brand can match Vigo's style, quality and design. Features two large double doors with storage compartments and includes three center sliding drawer compartments, all made with soft closing hardware.  Cabinet is made from a solid wood in wenge finish, which consists of an anti-scratch paint surface for enhanced durability and frequent use. Vanity is fabricated for wall mount installation with all mounting hardware included. Consists of two white, above-countertop ceramic sinks with a single hole in each sink for a faucet. Contains a white countertop. Cabinet is shipped already assembled. Includes solid brass, chrome-plated drain assembly"

Price: $1,379

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