Tuuci Hexagonal Parasol Sunbrella Umbrella at Bed Bath & Beyond

Sat Mar 10, 2012 10:33 am
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So classic and charming, and available in so many colors! This Tuuci hexagonal parasol Sunbrella umbrella is available to buy at Bed Bath & Beyond of all places. Now isn't that kind of neat! It doesn't matter whether you would prefer a white, navy, red, green or brown umbrella, this particular Tuuci umbrella comes in all kinds of colors.

If you compare this price to many other patio umbrellas out there, then this is not super cheap, actually it could be considered to be on the high end by some counts. However that might be due to the materials used here: the frame is constructed of fiberglass composite material which according to the description is extremely durable and rugged.

Sunbrella fabric is known for its very durable properties, and if I were to get a patio umbrella, then going for Sunbrella really does seem like a good idea. Bed Bath and Beyond actually has a lot of different outdoor furniture as well as umbrellas and various accessories to choose between here. I'm not sure if all of these pieces are available at most stores, or if you would have to order them online. Either way, there is quite a nice selection and good prices too. If I were to pick one of these umbrellas here, then I think I would go for the red one because it's just such a cheerful color, perfect for a patio. Of course the navy would also be high on my list, but I think I would stay away from white since that would most likely become quite dirty quickly and it would be difficult to keep that one looking as pristine as when you first got it.

Material: fiberglass composite material

Style: classic, charming

Fits Where: on a sunny spot in the backyard!

Price: $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Such a versatile design that works almost anywhere!

riverstone greenhouse

TUUCI 8 1/2' Classic Hexagonal Parasol Umbrella - Red

"This classic hexagonal parasol umbrella has a rugged frame constructed of the most durable fiberglass composite materials available. Solid fiberglass struts absorb punishing winds and are supported by an aluminum-reinforced fiberglass mast. TUUCI Tuff-Skins, constructed with SUNBRELLA, are the most durable, marine-grade shade skins available for both commercial and residential applications."

Price: $784

More info at bedbathandbeyond.com


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