Small 8 x 8 ft Cedar Wood Gardener Shed from Sams Club

Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:05 am
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Just adorable; that's what this small 8 x 8 feet cedar wood gardener shed is which is available to buy at Sams Club among other places. If you have been thinking for some time now that you've been wanting a really nice shed in your garden where you could store your gardening tools, potting soil as well as pots etc... then I think you would absolutely love this shed.

This tiny Gardener shed is like the name suggests, perfect for the gardener who prioritized quality and lasting construction over price. Because yes, this shed isn't cheap; you could definitely get a dramatically cheaper shed if you went for some other material. However plastic isn't classic, elegant and natural! And cedar will age so nicely and will blend in with the landscape in your yard so it definitely wouldn't provide any ugly eyesore...

Material: cedar

Style: small, substantial, good looking

Fits Where: in the backyard

Price: $$$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: You don't need a large pot to put this shed down on, however you will in retur get quite a bit of storage space and a really nice design.


Gardener Shed

"The 8x8 Gardener is a great little shed. Simple, attractive and the perfect size to store all of your gardening tools and supplies. Every gardener will enjoy gardening with this shed."

Price: $2,259

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