Oak Pole Wrap for Basement Pole from Home Depot

Tue Jun 05, 2012 9:19 am
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If you're finally getting around to remodeling your basement, but you want to make things easier, then perhaps you should look into this oak Pole Wrap for basement pole which you can find over at Home Depot. With these Pole-Wrap oak-like wraps you can simply disguise your basement support poles with this decorative wrap and thereby eliminate the need for putting up any walls or in other ways hiding these rather ugly poles.

So, since it's a lot cheaper to just wrap these things around your support poles, it's definitely a rather affordable option. With this product you would definitely add some elegance to your basement, and you could even purchase the cap and base moulding which would make it look more like a classic fluted column!

Material: ?

Style: a bit ornate

Fits Where: in the basement

Price: $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Disguise ugly poles with this product and go for a cheaper renovation that's going to take your basement from boring to sleek in no time!

home depot tile panel
Pole-Wrap Oak Wrap 16 in. x 8 ft. (Fits 4 in. Basement Pole)

"Take some of the work out of remodeling your basement with this oak 16 in. x 8 ft. Wrap. It glues easily to a basement support pole and eliminates the need to build costly and space-confining walls. The Wrap has smooth, 1/2 in. wide panels that can be finished with paint, stain or just polyurethane. A Cap & Base moulding (sold separately) can be added to create the look of a classic fluted column."

Price: $48.00 /EA-Each 

More information at homedepot.com

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