NobleHouse Vintage Oak & Distressed Maple Hardwood Floor at Lowes

Sat Oct 12, 2013 6:51 am
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Add a warm and rustic feel to your home with this NobleHouse vintage oak solid hardwood floor, or this NobleHouse distressed maple hardwood floor, both which are available to buy at Lowes. Replacing your old floor can definitely be a hassle, so you want to make sure you really get a floor that suits the character of your house.

If you're thinking that you don't want anything that looks too new and untouched, the perhaps going with a vintage, distressed look would be a good idea. These NobleHouse solid wood distressed floors offer a lot of charm and would be ideal if you want something that would give your home more oldfashioned elegance, and not less!

In terms of the different woods here, I'm definitely partial to oak, because it's a harder and more durable. However the maple features a really attractive, redish tone, so if you're more concerned with looks, then you could really go either way... 

Material: hardwood

Style: warm, vintage, distressed, charming

Fits Where: when you want to add lived in charm to your home

Price: $$$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Not super cheap, not super expensive. Great looking though and one of these floors would definitely add a warm and lived in feel to your home!

lowes flooring
NobleHouse Oak Vintage Solid Hardwood Flooring

"Durable aluminum oxide finish. 5 In. Wide Plank. 3/4 In. Thick solid wood flooring "

Price: $3.98

lowes flooring

NobleHouse Distressed Solid Maple Hardwood Flooring

"5in. wide plank. Hand-scraped and hand finished. 3/4 in. thick solid wood flooring. Nail down"

Price: $4.28

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