Mainstays Round & Square Black Steel Fire Pit from Walmart

Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:49 am
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The warmth of fire never goes out of style! This Mainstays round black steel fire pit as well as this Mainstays square fire pit, both which are available to buy at Walmart, is so nice looking and would really complete an outdoor patio area.

If you don't currently have an outdoor heating source (patio fireplace, patio heater or fire pit) then it's high time you get one. After all, nothing will provide as much atmosphere and gather people together as well as a warm fire roaring on your very own patio.

Some fire pits can definitely be pretty pricey. If you're on a budget however, then it's nice to know that you can get away quite cheaply if you check out Walmart. This first Mainstays steel fire pit is priced at only $30, and that my friends as a very good price. That one features an iron stand which is quite decorative as well as a removable grate. It also comes with a fire poker as well as screen lift tools, so as soon as you get this set you will be ready to get a nice fire going and pull out the marshmallows... The Mainstays square fire pit features a slightly different design is a bit more expensive at $80. This one comes with a table top so you can use this pit both as a patio table as well as a place to keep a fire going. Both are quite nice looking either way and would make a wonderful addition to most patios and porches.

Material: steel

Style: romantic and modern

Fits Where: a stone patio would be perfect

Price: $

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Love these pieces because they are so useful, and you just can't beat the prices.

mainstays fire pit

Mainstays Black Steel Fire Pit

"The Mainstays Fire Pit is a must-have for any patio or backyard to spend a lovely evening with your family and friends. This outdoor fire pit features an iron stand and a removable grate for easy cleaning. It features a high temperature, heat resistant finish that ensures a long-lasting performance. To help contain sparks, this black steel fire kit comes with an iron screen lid. It comes with fire poker and screen lift tools to facilitate ease of use."

Price: $29

mainstays fire pit

Mainstays Square Fire Pit

"This Mainstays Square Fire Pit has a unique, block-style design embossed into the mantle. It features a ladder frame construction that adds to its strength and stability. The frame is powder-coated for added protection. Perfect for providing warmth when you are outdoors, this tabletop fire pit is lightweight and can be assembled easily. With safety in mind, the portable fire pit's bowl and mesh screen have been given a high-temperature paint coating. A fire poker to kindle fire comes along with this outdoor fire pit."

Price: $79

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