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Tue Jul 31, 2012 8:43 am
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Are you looking for Jennifer Convertibles slipcovers? Well, many of their sofas are available in several different slipcovers, so if your current one is starting to look a bit worn, or maybe you're just getting tired of the design, then why not upgrade and get a new one! It would certainly be cheaper to just buy a new slipcover, instead of buying a whole new sofa!

Overall I really like the Jennifer Convertible sofas and sofa beds. The designs are for the most parts nice looking, sleek and relatively modern / petite. I also like how the prices aren't outrageously expensive - how many times have you been looking at sofas at some nice store, just to realize that the prices are way too high! 

In terms of picking a new slipcover, why not go with something completely different from what you have now! Sometimes it can be fun to get something strikingly different to switch off with, so if you have a white cover now, why not go for red or nayv or dark beige!

Material: unsure

Style: all kinds of styles

Fits Where: living room

Price: $$$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: There seems to be a wide array of slipcovers available and this definitely seems like a better way to go than buying a new sofa.

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Linda Jennifer Convertibles Sofa Bed

"Slipcover Collection has a variety of style and fabric options. Prices range from $599 to $2,499."

Price: $599 to $2,499

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