Compact Home Depot Olefin Off The Wall Brella Half Canopy Patio Umbrella

Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:20 am
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Do you think a small outdoor space means you can't have an umbrella? Wrong. Take a look at this compact Home Depot olefin off the wall brella - or the more understandable term half canopy patio umbrella. Isn't is such a neat idea! The umbrella literally looks like a whole umbrella which has been chopped in half, providing great shade and a very appealing look. Over at Home Depot, you can either purchase this half umbrella alone, or you could buy it in a very nice looking Terrace Mate 5 piece bistro set which comes with a matching half oval, gate leg table and two matching chairs. These sets are available in either in wood or in all weather wicker, and they are both absolutely charming. So if you're starting from scratch, ready to furnish your tiny balcony, or perhaps a small little patio, then why not go for the whole set!

On the other hand, if you already have nice table and chairs and all you're lacking is a nice umbrella, then trying this one out seems like a good idea. The base is made in powder coated aluminum which should be pretty sturdy and durable (although if you have had another experience, please comment below!), and the fabric is made in olefin which is a great choice in terms of weather resistant fabric. The umbrellas are available in thre different colors: red, white and brown (they should really add navy to that collection!)

I think this design is absolutely charming and I can really picture it next to a nice stone wall (or any wall really!), providing tons of shade while looking absolutely adorable. In terms of the furniture, the wooden Terrace Mates set is my favorite, however the wicker isn't so bad either. I wonder, is this a new design? Because I haven't seen it anywhere else, but it makes so much sense. When you can put the umbrella right next to the wall you can create a much more comfortable outdoor space, especially during really hot days, plus it will look just like it was built for that space!

Material: A Powder coated aluminum umbrella frame and olefin fabric for the umbrella

Style: It's so adorable. What's the style? I don't really know. The colors are solid and fit in most settings. I suppose it's rather classic and traditional, however the shape and construction is seemingly new. It's cute, whatever category it fits under.

Fits Where: Small spaces next to a wall. Think small balcony, a tiny patio etc...

Price: $$ ($200)

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: ++++


Off-the-Wall Brella 9 ft. Red Olefin Half Umbrella

What a great new idea. Off-the -Wall Brella is a half-canopy patio umbrella that stands, without attachment, flush against a wall, window, sliding glass door or any vertical surface. This decorative and portable faux-awning provides cooling shade and welcomed protection from the elements. Now, homeowner’s and condominium dwellers alike can open their drapes to enjoy the view and be sheltered from the hot sun or rain. The Red canopy is made of Olefin fabric for long lasting durability and color. The sturdy frame has a tough, powder coat, Champagne color finish and a hand crank for easy raising and lowering of the canopy. Fully opened, the umbrella stands 99 in. H x 106 in. W x 54 in. D.

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