Hemnes Bathroom Sink Cabinet from IKEA

Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:05 am
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I love the look of this Hemnes bathroom sink cabinet which is available to get over at IKEA. If you have been thinking of maybe remodeling your bathroom and you've been on the lookout for the perfect vanity that features clean lines, a timeless look and a low price; then I think you can stop your search...

This IKEA Hemnes bath sink cabinet looks really nice and is available in either white or a brown shade. You also have three different sizes to choose between, so it doesn't matter whether you're looking for something rather large or something much more petite. These furniture actually seem to be made out of solid pine for the most parts and that's certainly nice to know... If you go for the larger cabinet, then you can either choose to have the sink located to the side, to give you more counterspace, or you can have located in the middle. So it's definitely know to have a couple of different options there...

Material: solid pine and particle board

Style: Swedish, country, classic

Fits Where: in the right bathroom

Price: $$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: If you like the general look of the other Hemnes furniture by IKEA, then chances are you'll really like these bathroom vanities as well...

 ikea hemnes furniture

HEMNES Sink cabinet with 2 drawers, black-brown stain

"Water-resistant; suitable for use in high humidity areas. The size of the compartments can easily be adjusted by moving the divider"

Price: $229

ikea hemnes furniture

HEMNES/ ODENSVIK Sink cabinet with 2 drawers, white

"The included water trap is flexible, which means that it easily adjusts to connect to drain, washing machine and dryer. Unique water trap design gives room for a full sized drawer."

Price: $279

More information at ikea.com

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