Beadboard Style Estate by RSI White Boardwalk Bath Vanity with Top at Lowes

Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:36 am
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So very charming; this cottage beadboard style inspired Estate by RSI white boardwalk bath vanity with top from Lowes is so very nice looking and would add tremendous charm and style in any space. Apart from providing such nice looks, this Estate boardwalk bath vanity also comes at a surprisingly low price: $148, now isn't that a good deal!

I love these vanity sets that come complete with top and sink, that way the only thing you have to think about is picking up a matching faucet... When I look at this Estate beadboard bath vanity I immediately think of a cute country cottage with a lovely decor, or why not one of Martha Stewart's wonderful homes!

This Estate boardwalk bath vanity comes with beadboard accented doors, a nice white top and a light grey design on the cabinet. Just gorgeous in other words. Imagine this vanity either in a subway tiled bathroom, or in some painted setting perhaps with a backdrop of light blue or light green, now wouldn't that be a superbly nice bathroom!

So, if you appreciate this kind of charming rustic style and you have a tight budget to work with, then I know of no other better option out there...

Material: wood & china

Style: country cottage

Fits Where: Perfect in most smaller scale bathrooms.

Price: $$

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Great price, great looks, is there anything wrong with that picture whatsoever?

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ESTATE by RSI 25" White Boardwalk Bath Vanity with Top

"Comes fully assembled. Classic, bead board design. Faucet sold separately; size measured to the nearest 1/4""

Price: $148

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