Cheap RSI Estate White Bath Vanity With Sink & Counter from Lowes

Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:48 am
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Are you renovating your bathroom on a super tight budget? This cheap RSI Estate white bath vanity with sink and counter from Lowes is beyond affordable at $40. I mean, how do they even make a bath vanity for that price? If that's not cheap, then I really don't know what is.

OK, so if price is a major concern and you'd like some new bathroom furniture, then perhaps this Estate by RSI bath vanity would be worth checking out. Of course it's not going to win any major design awards, and it can't possibly be made out of that great materials, it's extremely reasonably priced that is.

However that's not to say it's ugly, in fact far from it. It features a very basic and simple design which would work well in most settings, no matter whether you have light or bold colors in your bathroom. It features white pocket doors with nickel knobs and a white counter top sink. You have to purchase the faucet separately, as you do with all vanity sets out there, so overall I think this is a really good deal.

Material: it doesn't say, so I'm not sure what the vanity is made out of 

Style: basic, simple

Fits Where: in most bathrooms, you could definitely decorate around this one.

Price: $

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: I haven't seen any other vanity sets that are as cheap as this one. So if I were on a super tight budget and I needed a new vanity, then I wouldn't mind this one at all because it's very basic, simple and versatile...

ESTATE by RSI 24" White Estate Bath Vanity with Top

"Durable finish. Frameless construction. Hardware included. Faucet sold separately"

Price: $39

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