Cheap Garden Treasures Red & Stripe Patio Market Umbrella at Lowes

Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:37 am
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Need shade but don't have a lot of money to spend? This cheap Garden Treasures red & stripe patio market umbrella from Lowes is surely nice looking; it's so classic you just become happy by just looking at. When I see that red Garden Treasures market umbrella it immediately makes me think of summer and gives me a craving to wear a pretty skirt and go out and get an ice cream cone!

At Lowes you can find a wide array of different patio umbrellas in many colors and patterns. Some are larger than others, some are made out of polyester whereas others are made out of olefin or sling fabric. They are all nice looking however and there is something for all price ranges. The two listed below are so pretty and they are very reasonable, price wise too! The red umbrella is priced at $80 which isn't too bad, however the striped umbrella costs $40 which is a real bargain. One of these units have a crank function mechanism to open whereas the other are operated by a push opening mechanism.

If you have a hot balcony or patio where the sun mercilessly shines, then the space can really become unusable, especially during the heat of the summer. So to invest in a pretty, colorful umbrella makes a lot of sense since you're really investing in your outdoor place and the possibility to use it further. These Garden Treasures patio umbrellas are indeed nice looking, and if I wanted something bright and functional but I didn't want to spend too much of my hard earned money, then this would be the first brand I would look at. 

Material: polyester fabric

Style: bright, and summery!

Fits Where: any patio or balcony

Price: $

Indoor / Outdoor Conclusion: Good price, fun colors, nice designs!

garden treasures umbrella

Garden Treasures 8'11" Polyester Red Patio Umbrella

"9' 8-rib market umbrella. This umbrella features a crank function to open. Powder-coated, galvanized steel, brown frame. Red polyester canopy"

Price: $80

garden treasures umbrella

Garden Treasures 7'6" Polyester Stripe Patio Umbrella

"8-rib steel frame. Weather resistant fabric top. Durable powder-coated finish. Push-up opening mechanism"

Price: $39.98

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